Within the thermal treatment we apply the following procedures:

  • Soft and normalization annealing
  • Improvement
  • Induction hardening and hardening in vacuum
  • Cementation and carbonitriding in gas
  • Short-term and long-term gas nitriding
  • Powder boronizing
  • Hard soldering (brazing)
  • Thermal processing of non-ferrous metals


For the purposes of thermal treatment we are using the most advanced equipment for classical gas furnaces, vacuum furnaces, and induction devices. The furnaces reach temperatures up to 1080ºC, exceptionally up to 1100ºC, with an accuracy of ± 150C. Dimensions of the working space range from 500 x 600 x 1100 mm for vacuum furnaces, up to 900 x 2000 for shaft furnaces, desiggned for batches weighting up to 1000kg. Components up to 250mm in diameter and 1250mm in length can be treated by induction hardening.