Technological and Metallurgical Processing Factory - Trstenik, Serbia

PPT-TMO S.A. is located in Trstenik in central Serbia, at a distance of about 230 kilometers from Belgrade and 40 kilometers from the highway E75 (Corridor 10). The company is located on the main road Kruševac-Kraljevo, at a distance of about 28 km from Kruševac.

The corporate headquarters is located in Trstenik, at nr 70 Krste Bosanca street. The production plants of the Company are located at two sites along the Kruševac-Kraljevo road, as well as in several buildings in the facilities of other companies of the IHP "Prva petoletka" Holding.

Address: Krste Bosanca 70, Trstenik, Srbija

Tel/Fax: 99381 (037) 712-368 - director

Tel/Fax: 99381 (037) 714-649 - marketing