In the field of galvanized coatings the following methods have been applied:

  • Hard chromium plating of steel, to parts up to 12.5m in length, with a diameter up to 1000 mm and weighing up to 10 tons
  • Chemical nickel plating of steel,  to parts up to 1.2m in length weighing up to 500kg
  • Galvanizing of iron, steel and copper alloys,  to parts up to 1m in length and weighing up to 500kg
  • Stainless steel electropolishing
  • Anodic oxidation of aluminum alloys in a solution of sulfuric and chromic acids, to parts up to in length up to 1m
  • Chromatization of aluminum alloys and zinc
  • Mn, Zn and Zn-Ca phosphating of steel parts up to 2m in length and weighing up to 500kg
  • Inscription plate design and print using photo metallography, as well as screen printing