Hard chromium plating of steel objects up to 12.5m in length, with a diameter up to 1000mm and weighing up to 10 tons. Note: There is a possibility to apply the chromium plating process to heavier parts by using auto cranes.

The total amount of the electrolyte for the chromium plating is 35000l.

Objects made of steel, after adequate preparation: prochrome, aluminum, copper, may be subjected to chromium plating.

The electrolytic chromium coatings are applied to reduce the coefficient of friction, adhesiveness (non-sticking) of rubber and plastics, to increase abrasion and corrosion resistance, as well as resistance to load, in the process of repairing parts after exploitation and correcting inadequate dimensions after machining.

Such coatings are not applied to objects made of sheets thinner than 1mm or 2mm for duplex plating, objects with blind holes, deep threads, welding or solder joints, parts of vessels to be under high pressure, surfaces under dynamic loads, components with operating temperature exceeding 300°C while submitted to abrasion, or 400°C or in other cases (there is a change of color coating and a decrease in hardness).

Chromium plating process Chromium plating process