Annealing is a heat treatment of steel, comprising of heating steel at a given temperature, maintaining the temperature, and then slow cooling.

Depending on customer requirements, we are able to perform the following annealing processes:

  • Soft annealing (applied to soften the steel in order to facilitate further mechanical processing);
  • Annealing for the purpose of the secondary cementite dissolution (if the secondary cementite is isolated in the form of a network, the brittleness of the steel may be increased, and this type of annealing is beneficial);
  • High annealing or coarse grain annealing (for better workability);
  • Annealing for the elimination of the internal stress (internal stress, remaining in the steel as a consequence of the mechanical or thermal treatment is reduced or equalized);
  • Normalization (the goal of normalization being the improvement of the mechanical properties based on smaller and more uniform grain structure, improved workability, and the preparation of the structure for subsequent procedures of the thermal treatment).

PPT-TMO S.A. has modern equipment for annealing steel in the classic chamber furnaces (Cer Čačak) and Degussa shaft furnaces. The furnace reaches temperatures up to 1080°C, with an accuracy of ±15°C. Workspace dimensions of these furnaces are 900 x 2000 mm and maximum batch weight up to 1000 kg.