There are three galvanizing lines – a manual and two semi-automatic ones.

Objects, according to the configuration, can be processed on tools or in drums.

The maximum length of an object to be galvanized is 1m, and the weight 500kg. Drum capacity is 50kg.

Electrolytic zinc coating is applied to:

  • objects used in industrial environments, for corrosion protection;
  • objects used in fresh water temperatures up to 60°C, for protection.

Electrolytic zinc coatings is not to be applied to:

  • objects used in marine and coastal environment;
  • objects which operating temperature exceeds 250°C.

Objects made of steel, required thickness being from 5 to 15μm are galvanized, and their subsequent protective zinc coating, i.e. chromatization, can be yellow, black or bluish (since the year 2006, at the request of customers, chromatization without Cr6+ion is introduced).

Once a week (or more frequently, if required) an analyses of the electrolyte on the line is performed. Based on the results of the analysis, the necessary adjustments of the electrolyte are done. The pH value of the electrolyte is also being controlled.

Zink galvanization line Objects to be galvanized on tools and in a drum